Monday – Wednesday by appointment (contact: info@deltablueswineryandeventcenter.com)

Thursday – Sunday 12:30 – 7:30



Please check Delta Blues Winery Facebook page for details of upcoming events.

Dates, times and artists playing at the winery on Sundays and Fridays will be featured on the Facebook page.

You may call us at 901-829-4685 or email us at: info@deltablueswineryandeventcenter.com for more information.


Our story…

The Delta Blues Winery story begins with friends enjoying visiting wineries across the USA until they could open up one themselves.  The naming of the winery came about because
the Delta itself, encompasses the people, the charm, the sophistication, the architecture, the land, the food and the music of the South, which is the area we love so much. Thus the Delta Blues Winery rose from the fertile soil of the Mississippi River.

Come, sit on the veranda, or on our Lake deck, enjoy our wines and experience the hospitality of the Delta.